What is fused glass?

Fused glass is glass that is melted or fused in a kiln. It can be a single piece of glass or a large number of pieces of glass assembled together.

How many of each piece are created?

Each piece that I make is individually created. I work on a piece until I am satisfied with it.

What is "slumping" fused glass?

Slumping is another process used in fused glass to give glass a dimension. Glass fires flat unless it is put into a formed or open object. The form used for slumping has to be able to withstand kiln temperatures.

How do you create your ceramic pieces?

I use underglazes and/or glazes to create designs or scenes on pre-formed ceramic (bisque) pieces. In essence, the ceramic pieces are used like a painter would use a canvas. I also create pieces from clay and use a variety of different techniques on them.